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Sammie became Angry 

when she was woken by the rooster's alarm.
slithered through the farm, all the way to a zoo.
NEVER satisfied,

           still HUNGRY

                     and ANGRY 

because all the animals were too small.
Will Sammie be satisfied

with the LARGEST animal she slithers upon?
Or will Sammie's g
reed get in her way?

Sammie, the Hungry, Angry, Never Satissssfied Snake,

teaches children that they should appreciate all things                       life has to offer... BIG or small.

One day they might not have the opportunity to enjoy it, because they were too greedy...

                       always wanting more.
This book great for children that Love: 


Farm animals

Zoo animals

Rhyming books

Sammie, The Hungry, Angry,
            Never Satissssfied Snake


Positive Notey; 
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A Guided Journal to Help Regulate Negative Emotions

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