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Don't be a grumpy old fart,

not everything is THAT bad... Right?

The annual town festival versus

the OLD and GRUMPY Mr. Fart.

His idea of a good time is relaxing on his front porch. ALONE!

Don't step foot on his lawn or...


Mr. Hops, the optimistic and persistent rabbit

tries convincing Mr. Fart

why he should attend the annual festival.

However, this GRUMPY OLD FART

isn't easily persuaded, 

finding the negative in EVERYTHING!

The Grumpy Old Fart

Goodnight sunshine, hello night...
everything is going to be alright.

It's time for the sun to go to bed,
welcoming the moon, and the stars,
as it rests its
 sleepy head.

Goodnight Sunshine
A babies first bedtime story

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