News Interview About Me

ABC 15 News channel reached out to me, because they wanted to do an interview about my journey publishing 3 children's books.


Story of Rebecca Porter

A Life in Words

The basics:

I was army child, born and raised mainly in Germany. Now living in Arizona with my husband, and two beautiful children. My daughter having Down Syndrome has encouraged me to start writing books about acceptance, and differences. I also illustrated my first 2 books.

“Just Say Hello,” was the book which started my journey to becoming an Author. A book about acceptance for my daughter. Sammie the Hungry, Angry, Never Satissssfied Snake, is my second book, which I wrote for my son to appreciate the things that he has, before they are gone. 

A Through Z Of What If I found an amazing illustrator, Mina Basic, and she helped me create this ABC book for readers and non-readers. 

I love to write books about acceptance, so kiddos can grow up prepared for all of the differences in the world.

Why not start with a book!

I also love to write educational books that can help in more ways than one. Most of my books are rhyming, or gives you a chance to ask your kiddos as you're reading questions like, "what is the adjective?" "What is the words in this story begin with the letter T?" I want my books to be more than just a fun story, I want them to be able to learn things as they read.