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Where Are My COLORS?

A colorful story about shining bright in your own skin.

A butterfly without colors? 

"That's not a butterfly at all, that's a colorless insect,"

thought the other butterflies. 

Meet Lionel. he is not your ordinary colorful butterfly. In fact, Lionel is a gray, colorless butterfly. On an adventure, he waits for his colors to appear, but runs into a few messy problems along the way. Lionel doesn't give up, because he knows he isn't JUST a colorless insect. He can feel it in his antennae. Will Lionel become a beautiful, and colorful butterfly after all? 


A Through Z Of What If

What if the Alphabet was an alliteration in a tongue twisting rhyme…That helped you remember the letter sounds every time. Enjoy identifying the sounds of each, and every letter…The more words you read, your vocabulary will get better.

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A Through Z Of What If

A Through Z Of What If is not your typical alphabet book. Each letter has its own fun what if alliteration story rhyme, that helps your child identify each letter sound.
They will be able to learn many NEW words with every letter, with a funny story and wacky picture to go along.


For nonreaders: Ask your kiddo to say the letter then the letter sound and ask them to name some of the things in the picture that begin with that letter.

For readers: There are some words that they might not understand yet, ask them which words they do not understand. This is a perfect opportunity to build their vocabulary, in a fun and educational way.


Learning is hard, and sometimes boring. A Through Z Of What If will make learning letter sounds fun. Who doesn’t like a wacky tongue twister, or funny pictures to help them learn.

When they are done, they can write and draw their own letter rhyming story. Optional: Take a picture and send it to me for the world to see their own personal rhyme.

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Storytime and the 3 bears

Wednesday April 28 YouTube Story Read Aloud

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Sammie the Hungry, Angry, Never Satissssfied Snake

Sammie becomes angry when she was woken by a roosters’ alarm. She slithered through a farm, all the way to a zoo. NEVER satisfied, still hungry and angry, because all the animals were way too small. Which animal will Sammie the Hungry Angry Never Satissssfied Snake, finally choose to satisfy her hunger?

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Just Say Hello

A community of elves that are all the same, until one day a unique elf is born. None of the other elves understood that just because she was different, did not mean they could not play with her. All it took was one friend to say "Hello."
A lot of children have a hard time fitting in or making friends. Be the change and "Just Say Hello."

Just Say Hello is an amazing opportunity for teachers and parents to educate younger children about different disabilities, race, and much more. Help open and mold younger children to accept and appreciate every one's unique differences.






Why I wrote “Just Say Hello.”

I wrote this book because my 11-year-old daughter, Kiara has down syndrome. I noticed how hard it was for her to make friends, and she would often play alone. I knew how much she could learn from other children if they only understood other children’s differences. I want to make my book a teachable moment for other parents, and teachers. All it takes is a simple “Hello.” And helping other kids understand that they can help those who don’t yet know certain things. While learning something new themselves. I told my son the same thing I wrote in my book, “She has you to learn from, and if you take the time to teach her things that she does not know, Kiara will eventually learn.” His smile, and reaction will be imprinted in my heart forever. And because he tells his friends the same thing I told him, they include her. My book teaches children to try and make friends with those that are different and understand that being different does not mean you cannot play with them. It just means they are unique in their own special ways. My story is also directed to children who have different hair, facial features, ethnicities, or cultures. I want children to know that if they open their minds to other’s differences, it can lead them to new adventures. They might just make a friend along the way.


Animation created by Rebecca Porter 
Music & Sound created by NateFree
Contact For personalized audio for your next book.
Click link below for his youtube channel.


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