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You react because you're MAD,

breaking your favorite toy, 
then become even

and the cycle repeats!
Does this sound like something you are struggling with?
Not to worry, this is a
normal emotion,

and we all experience it. 
Negative emotions build up, and it feels like

you are going to EXPLODE in any minute.

All you need, is a positive outlet.

Positive Notey will show you 4 calm zones

that will teach you ways to cope with these

negative emotions in a CREATIVE way.
Instead of throwing your toy,

go outside and throw a baseball. 

Learn how to still get your frustration out,

in a positive and creative way.

Don't forget to grab your copy of the Journal.

Positive Notey;
Get Creative with your Negative Emotions

Positive Notey; 
Managing My Negative Emotions Journal

A Guided Journal to Help Regulate Negative Emotions

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