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Where Are My COLORS?

Where Are My COLORS?


A butterfly without colors?
"That's not a butterfly at all,

that's a colorless insect,"

thought the other butterflies.
Meet Lionel, he is not your ordinary colorful butterfly.
In fact, Lionel is a gray,
colorless butterfly.

On an adventure, he waits for his colors to appear,
but runs into a few
MESSY problems along the way.

Lionel doesn't give up,
because he knows he wasn't

JUST a colorless insect.

He can feel it in his antennae.
Will Lionel become a
beautiful and

colorful butterfly after all?

A fun children's book about learning to love who you are

and embracing your differences.

Don't worry about trying to fit in,

be yourself and STAND OUT.


  • Hardcover Book
  • 52 pages
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